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Responsible Tourism

What Asia Europe Travel is doing to help?

We here at Asia Europe Travel, believe in responsible tourism and trying our best to make a difference for these needing children. We will bring you the center, you may discuss with director of center for donating  water well, child sponsorship or buy children tool to share in center etc...

We have donated supplies, money, time, and energy into supporting the center. The center is progressing and changing the lives of these children day by day, but there is always room for improvements and supports.

The Rainbow Orphanage Center is located 25km (approximately 15 miles) from Asia Europe Travel . Bottled water and fresh fruits will be provided to all guests during transportation from and to hotel. All revenues generate from these trips will be used toward the further support of the orphanage center and cover transportation cost.

Come and join us for a day to experience the forgotten part of Cambodia.


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