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Tour code : AETOHDT
Trip duration : HAFT DAY TRIP 4 HOURS
31 Dec, 2017

Dear Friends,

If you’re traveling in Cambodia why not do something that makes a difference ?

If you are in Siem Reap and visiting the temples of Angkor Wat why not aside ONE DAY, to see the work we are doing, to meet the children themselves and maybe let the children practice their English skills or you could join in the daily tasks or the ongoing projects. Your ideas and your participation will be greatly appreciated and will enrich the lives of our children.

For further information email us at :  When you are  visiting the temples of Angkor (one of the Seven Wonders of the World)   you will encounter many children selling souvenirs-others will be singing, dancing and begging…. many of them seeking the $ 10 per month which they need for their family to send them to school.

What are the alternatives for these children ?

These children have inherited a country torn by 30 years of Civil War which resulted in the death of over 2 million people- including most officials, teachers, doctors and educated people. A whole generation of experience and leadership was lost. Many other are victims of the war and live now in their villages as cripples and amputees. Very few rural families in this province earn much more that US $ 1 a day and life is particularly hard. Many children only receive a basic primary education as in most cases they are needed by their families to work the land.

Official figures show that 88% of rural orphan children receive no education at all.

This is where Working For Children is making a real difference.


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