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Day Trip PrekToal- Special Promotion

Tour code : DT PREKTOAL
Trip duration : 8hours

In the unique environment of the Tonle Sap Great Lake, the Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary hosts the last stronghold of large breeding waterbirds in South East Asia. In 1999 was founded, many of these threatened birds faced a serious danger of extinction due to over-harvesting of their eggs and chicks. Environmental protection: advancing conservation objectives through environmental education, community support and alternative income generation from ecotourism.

The flooded forest of Prek Toal has been designated as a core area (21,000 ha) of the Tonle Sap Biosphere Reserve based on its botanical diversity and its nesting colonies of threatened waterbirds. The core area (boundaries in black on the map) is in theory dedicated to biodiversity conservation but in reality, it was intensely exploited as a commercial fishing concession until 2011. The fishing lot covered no less than 50,000 ha (area delineated in red on the map) and was the most productive and lucrative area of the lake with a value in fish estimated at 3 million dollars per year. However, the recent abolishment of fishing lots by the Prime Minister Hun Sen creates a new challenge for ensuring protection of the waterbird colonies and their unique habitat…

Several fishing villages comprising 1,200 families lie around the core area where the villagers live in houses floating on a bamboo rafts or in houseboats, an adaptation to the ebb and flow of the lake. Over 150 different types of fishing gear have been inventoried on the lake. Commercial level fishing involves large traps and fences, however most villagers fish at a subsistence level while others engage in raising or preserving fish. The entire economy of the floating villages is directly or indirectly dependent upon fishing…

Detail Program
6:00 Pick up from your staying hotel in Siem Reap and transport by car or minivan to the port (around 30-40 minutes)

The boat will take you on the 1hr to 1hr 30mins journey to Prek Toal floating village, across the flooded forest and the great lake. On the way, your guide will explain you about the unique hydrological system, ecosystem of the lake and its flora and fauna.

Picnic breakfast will be served for you on the boat.

On arrival at the floating village, you will change boat to go and visit the bird sanctuary, under the guidance of a local ranger. Along the way, your guide’s knowledge of the birds and the flooded forest will give you the best opportunity to see and understand this complex natural ecosystem.
You will be proposed to climb on a tree top platform to view bird colonies with telescope and binoculars. Please note that, in the low water season (February-March), some people may find it difficult to climb the steep hand-made wooden platform ladder.

12:30 Back to the floating village to enjoy a typical lunch in the Community Restaurant.

14:00 Visit to the environmental education class and to the water hyacinth handicraft workshop. Then, on board a traditional Khmer paddle boat, you will discover how the local community has adapted to their floating and ever changing environment: visit a family who live on a floating house to observe the local customs and talk with the host about the differences they face living on the water and then continue to visit the crocodile farms, fish farms, floating school, floating gardens: a unique opportunity to see a unique way of life.     

15:30 Return to Siem Reap, back to your staying hotel around 17:30

Price: the more visitors (max. 8) in a group, the more affordable per visitor! Example for a group of 4 visitors: 99 US$ per visitor*

* Full information on price per capita regarding the numbers of people in a group available with our booking team: Please call +855 (0)93508787 or

* For a French speaking guide, there is a 15$ extra cost per group

** Free of charge for children from 0 to 3 years old, discount 25% for children under 12 years old (from 4-11 years old)).

Thank you to wear decent clothes during the tour, to respect the local uses (long sleeved shirts and trousers is recommended but covering shoulder shirts and covering knee shorts is acceptable)

To our visitors:

Visitors should possess a minimum physical fitness to fully enjoy the proposed itineraries.

Organizes tours following adapted safety regulations for its Visitors. During the round trip Siem Reap/Prek Toal and in the village, We works with the community to ensure that the services provided to the Visitors achieve the highest possible level of safety and quality.
However, We  are  not responsible for possible loss, damage and injuries in the course of the full tour.

Visitors are required to have full travel insurance. It is the responsibility of the Visitor to read their insurance policy before travel and ensure that the insurance scheme provides the Visitor with the required level of cover.

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